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Quality Assurance

Each product lot goes through physical and chemical testing in our laboratories to maintain the standards which allow us to continuously provide top quality product. This means that we routinely check our beans and product to ensure satisfaction. Specifically, each order is analysed with sensory panels to check flavor and richness. 

Our Selection of Premium Beans:

For the most adequate treatment of cocoa beans, we have created associations with small farmers and co-ops from the beginning.The beans are fermented and sun dried until they arrive at the factory, then they are selected and cleaned. We use a raw material laboratory to collect data of the characteristics of each region, and make sure only the best beans enter our facility.

Food Safety Policy

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At Chocolates Atelier Chocolatier S.A we are dedicated to the processing and distribution of semi-finished cocoa products for the national and international market. Our Food Safety Guarantee is fundamental at all stages involved in the food chain. We comply with current legal requirements and those mutually agreed special requests of each customer.

We focus on continuous improvement through projects, compliance with safety objectives and constant training to improve the competence of our staff. Our main objective is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

We are committed to dealing with any internal and external issues related to Food Safety in a transparent and timely manner. For that, Chocolates Atelier Chocolatier SA, has implemented an ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System at all levels of the organization, ensuring that the Food Safety Policy is communicated, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and interested parties, setting responsibilities and assigning the necessary resources to achieve compliance with it.

** (Statement in Spanish at the end of the page)



**Política de Inocuidad

En Chocolates Atelier Chocolatier S.A nos dedicamos al procesamiento y comercialización de productos semielaborados  de cacao para el mercado nacional e internacional.  Garantizando la Inocuidad Alimentaria como pilar fundamental en todas las etapas que intervienen en la cadena alimentaria; cumpliendo con los requisitos legales vigentes y  los  acordados mutuamente con el cliente. 

Nos enfocamos en la mejora continua  a través de proyectos, cumplimiento de los objetivos de inocuidad  y capacitación constante para mejorar la competencia de nuestro personal;  para  la consecución de nuestro principal objetivo, “la satisfacción del cliente”.

Nos comprometemos a manejar de manera transparente y oportuna los temas internos y externos relacionados con la Inocuidad .  

En Chocolates Atelier Chocolatier S.A, Hemos implementado a todos los niveles de la organización un Sistema de Gestión de Inocuidad Alimentaria ISO 22000, asegurándonos de que la Política de Inocuidad Alimentaria sea comunicada, implantada y mantenida en todos los niveles de la organización y partes interesadas, fijando responsabilidades y asignando los recursos necesarios para lograr el cumplimiento de la misma. 


José Carvajal Candell 

Gerente General

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