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 Chocolatier's mission includes finding new practical and efficient methods to encourage community development and inclusive business models. Together they work with companies around the world to create new strategies to ensure a progressive growth of both our business and the farmers we work with.

        In order to successfully benefit the whole community of cocoa, it is important to invest in development and education. We have found that simply giving a premium price for beans is not sustainable, and only benefits a few percentage of our community. Therefore, we help pay the co-ops and farmers with the highest prices over the market, funding schools and community centers, leading education and training programs, and having solely eco-friendly practices.

We pride ourselves on our products because we know with every purchase made we continue to support the sustainability we stand for. By creating healthy and sustainable communities for our farmers in the countryside, we make sure they do not have to migrate to the large cities due to poverty. This creates the long lasting partnerships we have with farmers that share our standards for community support and high quality product. We strongly believe a precipice benefit allows for inclusive business. 
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